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Welcome to Liberte Vitae!

We are a leveling and social guild. We raid occasionally, as we get the urge to do it and enough people are on. We enjoy each others' company through guild chat, vent, this website, questing, achievements, PvP, and instances from Deadmines up to ICC.

What is Liberte Vitae? It is Life of Freedom. Freedom to enjoy the game, however it is you enjoy it. Freedom to pursue your in-game goals. Freedom from drama. Freedom from guild politics. Freedom for your WoW Life!

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It's not you, it's me. Really!

Wyndstormme, Sep 27, 10 10:25 AM.
LV is currently on a break. We are no longer recruiting and we hold no ill will if members decide to move on during this time. Things have been steadily declining for awhile now, and the management team felt it best to put a hiatus on the guild until Cata is released. We will reassess the situation at that time. Please bear with us. If you choose to stay, we're happy to have you! (Just please know that it'll probably be pretty quiet around guild chat and you'll have to pug almost everything.) If you choose to leave, we hold no ill will and wish you luck in find your next home away from home. :) Vent will remain open and accessible - feel free to use it as much as you want. If you have a pug raid that needs a vent, you can give them our information. (Please remember that visitors are allowed on vent as long as they follow our vent rules. If this becomes a problem or we develop a stalker, please send Alex an IG message ASAP with the person's information.)

That is all for now. We hope to see you again once our doors re-open!

Website could be even better yet!

Wyndstormme, May 30, 10 7:55 PM.
C'mon, people! It's your guild - get involved! Things have been really slow here and that's sad to see. I know we have a lively guild chat and ventrilo is almost always hoppin. Great to see!! :D But let's get involved here, too. A lot of the discussions we have IG and in vent would be nice to have here, as a reference for those who didn't get to participate in the discussion(s) or maybe forgot some of what was said. There's a lot of knowledge in this guild, so get sharing!

Guild created!

Wyndstormme, May 7, 10 2:58 PM.
This guild was formed 6 May 2010. But don't worry - the GMs (yes, there are two) have plenty of experience. For Alex, this is his 6th guild and it is Kat's 4th, so there is lots of experience and knowledge in the ranks.
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